Measurement Update

Apologies for the rudimentary table. My old laptop broke in December, and I got a new one a few weeks ago. However, I haven't added Excel yet. This was made in the text editor that comes with all Macs. Not exactly stylish, I know.

The bottom line from these numbers is that while I gained back about 9-10 lbs, my clothes are still fitting pretty much the same. My jeans are a bit snugger, but wearable. I'd like to be a size down by the end of March, when it's time to bust out the spring clothes.

Back on the Wagon

November, December and January were dark days. Filled with takeout food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and fourth meal (thanks Taco Bell). Some of this can be explained by severe winter moodiness, complete lack of exercise, and general total laziness. But I started getting back on track January 24th, and now with two solid weeks behind me, I feel comfortable enough to openly recommit here. To help keep the motivation, I signed up for a 5k on March 21st.

I gained some weight back. Clocked in at exactly 300 lbs on Tuesday. So move the dial back to 20 lbs lost total. I'm going to stay focused on healthy eating and working out (which I've done consistently since starting up again). The plan is to go running 3 times a week and do yoga 3 days a week.

10 lbs to go until the next pictures. We'll get there this time, I promise.