Over Eating Triggers

Thinking back over the last few months, (and even the last few years), I'd say the following situations account for the majority of times I have over eaten.

1. Boredom accompanied by extra cash.

2. Being tired when I get home from work.

3. Failure to plan meals and snacks.

4. Putting off going to the grocery store.

5. Drinking alcohol, especially at bars.

6. Waking up with a major hangovers

7. Being offered free food

8. Traveling

March Miles

That's how many miles I ran and walked in March. Thirty-five! I tracked them at Map My Run, which was a lifesaver for figuring out how long my lunch walks are (1.42 miles!). These include 4 miles in the rain (properly attired or course), 3.1 at the 5K, and 2 while my friend was in town this weekend. It feels so good seeing progress like this, even though I'm avoiding the scale for a bit. April's off to a good start as well, two down, dozens to go!

Healthy You Challenge Update

Here are my stats from this week. Activities were great. Food was out of control. Have worked out consistently for three weeks in a row, which is good progress. Went running yesterday even though I had a friend in town. Did yoga twice.

Goals for this week:

1. Follow my training schedule ( Yoga today, 4.2 miles Monday, yoga Tuesday, 2 miles Wednesday, 2 miles Friday, 2 miles Saturday with yoga)

2. Average under 2500 calories

3. Stay away from the scale