Week 1: Day 4

Today has been a peaceful lazy Saturday.  I already have twice as much energy as I did before I started working out again.  It's nice that even though it takes a long time to lose this much weight, you get little benefits early on.

Today I had 3000 calories because R and I ended up going out at the last minute.  I drank six beers, and that ruined my calorie count for the day.  However, I didn't eat anything at the bar, even though the people we were there with did.  So there's some willpower.  I still burned more calories than I ate today, by maybe a hundred calories or so.  

I did the pilates dvd again today.  Skipped the gym.  I will make it back there tomorrow. Promise. 

Week 1: Day 3

Did a pilates dvd and then went to the gym for an hour on the bike.  I started doing the elliptical trainer when I got there, but after six minutes I decided to switch.  It was harder than I remembered, and I decided to leave that battle for another day. I've been good on food, too.   Today I had a bagel, some turkey, a mango Jamba Juice, and some mandarin oranges.  I haven't felt hungry, and 2000 calories have been just about right to keep from being hungry but not full.

The boyfriend, who I'll call R from now on, made the most amazing Lean Cuisine that I've ever had.  It's called Thai-Style Chicken. The sauce is absolutely yummy. Here's the official description:
"Grilled chicken tenderloins in a Thai-Style red pepper sauce with basil, soy and ginger, served with rice."

Although I think the sauce is a bit coconutty.  I'd compare it to Amy's in taste, which is really good for Lean Cuisine.  I had already done my grocery shopping for the next two weeks before I tasted it, but next time I buy groceries I am definitely going to load up on these bad boys. Until then, I'll just have to beg R for bites.  

Week 1: Day 2

Rode the bike at the gym for an hour.  My feet are sore.  I'm sweaty.  But I have that energy I get when I start a health kick.  The trouble is not starting it; that part is too easy drill sargeant.  It's keeping it up after a week or two.  And giving up the pitcher of margaritas at happy hour.  

Here's a pic of me today. I'll post new ones in July.

Week 1: Day 1

After a year of stop-and-go weight loss and weight gain, I've decided to commit to losing weight.  One hundred and fifty pounds, to be exact.  To keep myself motivated and honest, I'm going to blog about it here.  

I currently weight 320 pounds.  A year ago, I weighed 275.  Three years ago, I weight 260.  The weight has just piled on over the past six months, and I can't ignore it any more.  I'm two jeans sizes bigger than last summer.  It's horrifying.

My plan is to do cardio four to five times a week, do resistance training twice a week, and eat between 1800 and 2200 calories per day.  So far today I'm off to a good start.  I went to the gym and rode thirty minutes on the bike and ate 2100 calories.  

Starting Weight:  320 lbs.
Starting BMI:  45.9