Week 1: Day 3

Did a pilates dvd and then went to the gym for an hour on the bike.  I started doing the elliptical trainer when I got there, but after six minutes I decided to switch.  It was harder than I remembered, and I decided to leave that battle for another day. I've been good on food, too.   Today I had a bagel, some turkey, a mango Jamba Juice, and some mandarin oranges.  I haven't felt hungry, and 2000 calories have been just about right to keep from being hungry but not full.

The boyfriend, who I'll call R from now on, made the most amazing Lean Cuisine that I've ever had.  It's called Thai-Style Chicken. The sauce is absolutely yummy. Here's the official description:
"Grilled chicken tenderloins in a Thai-Style red pepper sauce with basil, soy and ginger, served with rice."

Although I think the sauce is a bit coconutty.  I'd compare it to Amy's in taste, which is really good for Lean Cuisine.  I had already done my grocery shopping for the next two weeks before I tasted it, but next time I buy groceries I am definitely going to load up on these bad boys. Until then, I'll just have to beg R for bites.