Healthy You Challenge Check In #3


Scale still says "OL," so I don't know exactly how much I've lost. I know I'm losing, but will just have to stay in the dark until I hit 300. I'm liking this more and more. I won't count any weight lost until I've lost twenty pounds, and every day I can concentrate on healthy living instead of what the scale said that morning. It's peaceful.

Found myself wanting a snack because of boredom, so I stuck in a whitening strip. No food or drink for an hour. Aw shucks. This might be a mental trick I pull from time to time. It seemed to do the trick quite nicely.

Back injury is re-affirming it's place in my life. Have a doctor's appointment for Thursday to adjust medications. I've been staying away from the gym until I get the new meds. The pain was just getting so out of control. Will make my triumphant return to the gym on Thursday. Plan on wearing my gym clothes to the appointment, just so I don't allow myself to reconsider on my way home.

Went to Qdoba yesterday. Thought I could make better choices, but I didn't. I just love guacamole too much. Will stay away from Qdoba for the time being.

Next week I'm going to start posting some measurements. I need to get a tape measure first, but I am going to the store tomorrow. Also need better kitchen knives and a chopping board if I'm going to continue cooking more at home. It's amazing, when I think about how much money I've spent on take-out over the last six years. I could have a kitchen to make Emeril jealous! But instead, I've got an extra hundred and fifty pounds and Pizza Hut is doing quite well. Wonder if R and my's grocery shopping has put any local delivery food places out of business. Not probable, but definitely possible.


Hanlie said...

Good for you for still doing so well, despite not seeing the results of your labors on the scale... I think you're actually learning some things here that will stand you in good stead on this long journey!

Yes, the other day I totally floored a guy who was offering vouchers for free pizzas when I said, "No thanks!" He couldn't believe someone wouldn't want a free pizza!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit of a (former) take out queen myself. It's always so surprising how much you start to prefer the food that you cook versus take out.