Healthy You Challenge Check In #4


This was a bad week. I didn't exercise when I knew I should be. Not exercising gave me a lot of extra free time, most of which ended with bad food decisions. Also was feeling kind of down yesterday and today. I don't know what about, but it all seems to be connected. I also could not fall asleep last night. Frustrating. Everything feels blah and frustrating.

R comes home from work and he's got another fifteen hundred calories for the day, meanwhile I'll have four hundred left. I've been getting jealous of the way he's able to eat big dinners. If I don't eat every few hours, I feel really ill.

The scale still says "OL." I'm a little disappointed, I'll admit it. If I had had a good a week as last week, I might have made it under 300. Four weeks was the earliest possible week that I thought I might crack it. If I'm still over 300 next week, I'm going to be frustrated. Need to focus a lot of energy and take advantage of week five. I need to make it count!

Last week I said I'd post my measurements to keep track of, but for the life of me I can't find any of my four or five tape measures. Tomorrow I'll bust out the yarn and ruler. Somehow that seems much less sexy. Oh well. Too tired to mess with it now, but it will definitely be posted tomorrow. I know y'all can't wait.

Gonna finish watching the Colbert Report and try to get some sleep tonight.

So as to not be entirely doom and gloom, I am very proud that I ate within my calorie limit today after going over it so many days in a row. It was a struggle, but I won.


Hanlie said...

I know it's hard, but you can do this! By eating well, you are doing something positive for your health and your body, no matter what the scale says!

Mama Bear June said...

Eating 1500 calories at night is NOT the way to lose weight. Eating small meals throughout the day is much smarter. We all have those bad weeks. Make this week a good one!
Path to Health

Vita said...

I wanted to say the same thing: eating several times but in smaller quantities is the right way and not eating once but all the calories at a time. Believe me, I have been eating just once a day in the evening for three months now (but eating mostly just healthy food) and I've gained and not lost as I expected. So don't envy him but be happy that you're living healthier :)
Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Your calories burned for exercise seem really low - it looks like you have posted only a 80 calorie burn for a 30 minute walk? Are you sure that's right? It seems like it should be higher.

Just keep going! You will hit 300 and it's all down from there!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

1. I love your spreadsheet.

2. 1500 kcal is too much for night time... I say stick with what you're doing.

3. What are you using to measure you kcals for walking... assuming you weight 301, and walked v. slowly that's 189 kcal.

4. Don't be discouraged. We'll get through this battle, one step at a time.

Drop150 said...

thanks for all the encouragement. i'm feeling much better today. just had a bad week.

i used the numbers from fitday if i didn't wear my heart rate monitor. fitday tends to have very conservative measurements, esp. for walking. if i'm wearing my heart rate monitor, than i adjust based on what the hrm said i burned. i misplaced part of it. i hope it turns up soon! i've looked everywhere.

lollujo said...

It looks to me like you're doing great - your spreadsheet shows you're burning more calories than you consume - keep doing that every week and you'll be fine!