Plus Size Fashion Review: Odelia Dress

I blogged about my shopping planning, but never reported back what I got and what I liked. So I thought I'd pick an item that I thought was kind of a gamble and share my shopping experienced.

One of my friends got married yesterday, and the wedding was picnic casual. After getting inspired by this post from The Pretty Pear, I ordered the Odelia Dress in black and white from B & Lu:

Here's me wearing it at the wedding:

I love it so much. It's light and airy, and has a great shape. I'm 5'10" so I knew it would be shorter on me. Leggings did the trick. I felt stylish, but not fussy.

Cost: $54
Fit: True to the size chart
Shipping: $9 Came a few days earlier than expected.
Compliments: Felt comfortable all day long, even on a very long day with a 2 hour car ride, a wedding reception and picnic, and to a club. Stayed cute and didn't lose it's shape by the end of the day. Lightweight material is sturdy.
Complaints: threads are pulling through the button holes. I will need to push them through and cut them off.


Chubby Stubby Kay said...

Gorgeous dress and it looks lovely on you!

You have great taste in clothing. Makes me want to switch up my "fashion" taste...I'm a sweatshirt and jeans type of girl, LoL.

Hope you have a wonderful week! :D

Drop150 said...

I love my hoodies! Dresses and hoodies are equally important to survival.