A Tale of Three Jeans

Last year when I started eating right, I lost enough weight to need a smaller jeans size in March. I was stoked. So I went to Lane Bryant to trade in my size 22s, only to discover that they had initiated the new "Fit Right" system and I couldn't literally "go down a size." In fact, I had to learn the whole new fangled system.

So after trying on all blue, red, and yellow fits in all sizes, I emerged from the store with a Blue 3.

Fast forward to October, 2008. I'm on a trip to New York and it's the first really fall weekend. Chilly enough that I brought along the jeans I'd been ignoring for the summer. I'm in my friend's tiny apartment, in the worlds tiniest bathroom, and I try to put on my jeans. I jump and bend and pull and huff and puff, but lo! My jeans didn't fit anymore. They were mercilessly too small.

Argh. When I got back home, I marched to Lane Bryant to do the humiliating thing and buy bigger jeans. My skinny jeans (skinny being used loosely) were no more. But since I'd never had Blue 4s before, it wasn't quite like buying my fattest jeans again. I had no idea what my previous 22 translated to.

Things were all well and good until Christmas vacation, when even the 4s turned their back on me, and I moved up to Blue 5s. 5s! The number, which meant nothing by itself, was TWO sizes up. So if I'd gone up two sizes since I was my smallest, that was no good.

So I'm chugging along, and one day I put on my 5s and they are tight. Almost so tight that I want to die. When I wore them, they rubbed my tummy raw.

Well, today I put on my 5s and they fit loose. Not loose enough to move down a size, but they fit normally again. This is progress.

I want back in those 3s! I want to be where I was when I gave up last time. I want all that progress back! And I'm going to get it.


Hanlie said...

There is no better feeling on this journey than feeling your clothes become to big! I can't get enough of it!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you are moving down in size again! I have been there, gone up two sizes and slowly (oh so slowly) trying to get back down, to my smallest! I hated hated hated buying bigger pants! I never want to do that again!

Jenn said...

Good for you! I love it when clothes start getting loose. To me that is the best reward for all this work!

Anonymous said...

Yeah been there, pant size keeps going up! My mom always gets so irritated with Lane Bryants sizing saying "what are they trying to make me feel better by saying my size 20 is really a size two? I dont mind, but it is weird. Good luck getting to your THREES!