Healthy You Challenge Check In #14


It feels really good to have my activity minutes back up for the whole week. This morning at the gym, I rocked out on the elliptical to the latest Gossip album and had a great time. In a gym. Before 7am. Having fun. What's happening to me?

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Now for this week's weigh in:

Starting Weight (5/13/09): 320 lbs.
Last Week's Weight: 304.8 lbs.
Current Weight: 303 lbs.

Weight lost this week: 1.8 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 17 lbs.

I'm so close to being out of the 300's I can taste it. The 300's can kiss my ass.


Hanlie said...

Congratulations for being on track with exercise and on the wonderful loss! It won't be long now before you're out of the 300's!

Sweety On A Diet said...

Well done with the nice loss!