A new restaurant opened up in my neighborhood in Philly recently. It's called Fuel, and it's really, really delicious. The schtick of the place is that everything on the menu is under 500 calories. And everything's less than $9.00 too, which is great. In the super-health conscious age, I love that a place like this finally came to my neighborhood. My first time there, I had a tomato, basil, and mozzarello pesto sandwich on whole wheat. Last night, I ordered delivery and got a salmon and cream cheese sandwich on wheat. Salmon sandwich delivery? I'm completely smitten.

Having a place like this nearby is going to make it so I can order take-out every once in a while without blowing my calories for the day, and I can meet R for a completely guilt-free dinner. It's such a good idea thatI can't believe there aren't more places like this.

For anyone near Philadelphia, here's the menu. And if you know any other places in Philadelphia that are similar, please let me know! I'd love to try them.


AmeliaPontes said...

Oh this is great! I am heading back to Philly soon, I'll drag my friends over. Thanks for this!