Pescetarianism, Two Months Later

Tuesday marked two months of eating strictly pescetarian, and except for the accidental cobb salad, it was really easy. I feel great. It's hasn't been hard at all. There's always something to eat at restaurants, even the most carnivorous out there. I really have to say that it's a eating habit that suits me well. Not too much sacrifice, but enough that it's meaningful and healthy.

The weirdest time was at a wedding I went to recently where there wasn't a vegetarian or fish option, so I ate a lot of mashed potatoes. And yes, I do get miss pepperoni and chicken fried steaks. There are days when my protein intake is too low. Overall though, I'm more than content with the transition. I'm going to give it one more month before I decide if it's a long-term change, but things are looking that way.


Hanlie said...

It's good to give yourself plenty of time... Well done so far!