Tea with Links

Today I'm making a pot of darjeeling tea whilst I catch up on the nets.

I made an Italian tomato soup called Papa al Pomodoro, last night, and it was crazy delicious. The recipe was from this month's issue of InStyle magazine, but this blog post goes has the recipe along with links to how to peel and seed the tomatoes.

An delicious and easy recipe for a nonfat yogurt dill dip for veggies that I've made a few times over the last couple weeks. Easy and delicious. From Fitsugar.com.

And here's a recipe for Palak Paneer that I'm definitely going to incorporate in my menu the next time I go to the grocery store.

If you love Mad Men as much as I do, then you should check out Slate's TV Club on the show, which is essentially a long dialogue between several Slate writers dissecting and analyzing each episode. Thoroughly entertaining.

Fiber. It's important.

And finally, SNL on Joe Wilson's "You Lie" (and stick around for the awesome James Carville sketch).