Pescetarianism, Three Months Later

In July, when I decided to quit eating meat, I told myself that I would do a three month trial. See if I could make it on days when it was hard, but not make it seem like I didn't have an out if I changed my mind. Well, Wednesday marked 3 months and except for the dreaded mid-flight cobb salad incident, I haven't eaten any meat at all.

I thought I was beyond serious temptation, until R got beef and broccoli yesterday. It smelled so good! It made my stomach gurgle and my mouth water. I kept staring at it. I didn't eat it, but it was a good reminder that I will probably still be tempted by meat now and then. I have stopped eating it--but I haven't forgotten how good it tastes! So I have to be vigilant.

The three months have taught me that:

1. This is something I can totally do.
2. I make healthier choices when I don't eat meat.
3. Nine times out of ten the decision is really, really easy.
4. I will be shocked when it's hard. But when it's hard, it will be harder than I expected.


Hanlie said...

I love how this has empowered you! Well done!