Eighties Movies, Pain Pills, and Yoga Pants

Fittingly enough, The Incredible Shrinking Woman in on HBO right now, the old Lilly Tomlin movie about the woman who keeps getting smaller and smaller.  I remember seeing this movie as a kid, and I always thought I'd enjoy living in a doll house if it ever came to that.  Now that I'm a three-hundred pound woman, I feel I have the opposite feeling.  The amount of space I take up seems right.  I know I'm too big, and I know I'm bigger than most other people.  But when I sit down on my couch, or lay down in bed, I don't feel like I'm taking up too much space.  It's one thing to want to lose weight, it's another to think about how I take up too much space.  Of course I get reminded from time to time, like when I fly on an airplane and have to suck in my gut to get the seatbelt to snap. How I look and how I feel sometimes are so disconnected.  I want to look better, but I don't necessarily want to be entitled to less space.  
Today was a good day.  Met my food targets easily.  Lost the motivation to go to the gym, but I worked out at home instead.  Comcast OnDemand has great Exercise TV programs.  I did one from The Biggest Loser.  Broke a sweat right away.  It was my first adventure with the dumbbells since returning to healthy living.  My arms still burn a little.
My back started hurting from the pilates, and it hasn't gotten much better.  I called my pharmacy to refill the pain medicine I used to take.  It started hurting in December.  From January through March I took perscription meds to reduce the pain and swelling.  The last two months it had gone away completely, but now it's back.  Ugh.  Hopefully, if/when I lose twenty pounds, the problem should go away entirely.  The doc said it wasn't caused by my weight, but that it exasperates it.  And when my back hurts, I don't want to move at all, which leads to gaining weight faster.  It's a vicious cycle.  
Tomorrow I'm going to Old Navy to buy some new workout outfits.  I have all the sports bras a girl could need, but all my workout pants suck.  They're either too old/have bleach stains/have holes/pilling/faded, etc.  I'd like to get a few pairs of their yoga capri pants. 

I also need to zip over to Target and get a new bathing suit for my Memorial Day camping trip. I may hate being a size XXL or 24 or whatever, but I do love buying new clothes.


The Daily Mel said...

Those yoga pants are seriously cute! Does Old Navy have plus sizes now? I haven't been in one of their stores in several years. They only had up to a size 16/18 then. Maybe I'll have to check them out again.

Drop150 said...

They don't sell plus size clothes in the stores, but they do online. However, the activewear stuff is sized L, XL, XXL, etc. The XXL size fits perfectly. I have three pair of the long ones, but I want some capris for summer.

I do like shopping old navy online when they have something cute. I think they make up half my wardrobe.

Thanks for being the first comment on my blog!

Drop150 said...
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Mama Bear June said...

I have an Incredible Shrinking Woman t-shirt! :-)

I normally avoid Old Navy like the plague, but I may have to check out their activewear. Some of my capris are too big. Such a good problem to have.
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