Three Weight-Loss Lessons I Re-Learned Today

1.  My body learns quickly.
Today is day six of my new healthy lifestyle, but my body already wants to be treated like it's been on it forever.  It may take two years or more to drop all the weight, and my muscles might not be any stronger, but my body has already adjusted to having nutritious food available every four hours or so.  Thus today, when I was in a hurry and left the house with no snack, my body revolted.  After five hours, my blood sugar crashed, and I wanted to eat my own hand.  Luckily I was in a situation where I couldn't get fast food or junk, but if it had been available, I would have. When I got home, I ate about six hundred calories, but I still don't feel back to my pre-crash self.  The whole situation could have been avoided with a banana or yogurt tucked away in my purse. 
2.  The thought of exercise is always a thousand times worse than the exercise itself.
This morning when we got up, R went straight to the gym.  I sat on the couch for an hour, trying to convince myself to go.  The hour that I wasted was much less enjoyable than the pleasure I got while working out at the gym.  Fulfilling my goals feels so much better than the joys of laziness and procrastination. 

3.  I need to pay attention to my fiber.
Healthy Living is not just about eating fewer calories or healthier food.  It's also about the balance of those foods.  My body needs certain nutrients, and when I don't pay attention, I don't get them.  Fiber seems to be the hardest.  Unless I pay careful attention, I won't get even half of the grams my body needs.  Calorie counting is not enough for proper nutrition. 


Sherre said...

All three are good lessons for all of us! Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge.

blendergrl said...

Welcome to the HYC.. I am looking forward to watching you achieve your goals!

Hanlie said...

Calorie counting is not enough for proper nutrition. Amen to that! That is a huge lesson. Good health is only obtained when we eat enough nutrients per calorie.

All three of these lessons are very valuable! You are so on the right track. And it doesn't matter how long it takes... All that matters is the next pound.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh man, I cannot even tell you how true #2 is for me. Once I get there I'm fine. I'm even fine in the car on the way to gym...but its getting-ready-to-go part that kills me every time lol. I now go when I first wake up and too dazed with sleep to stop myself

Drop150 said...

Thanks for all the kind words and support! I'm very excited about joining the HYC. What an awe-inspiring community!

Me said...

You hit it for me with #2.
I put off doing but once I get out there & actually 'do' it usually isn't *that* bad & I always feel better for having done it.
I think I need to brainwash myself. lol

Amy Greenan said...

Hi there, it sounds like you are off to a good start! You will be amazed at how much awesome support there is out there from your fellow bloggers. I, too, have about 150 pounds that I would like to lose!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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