Healthy You Challenge Check In #1

Today is my first Healthy You Challenge Check In. I'm really excited. Here are my stats for the week:

All the numbers come from FitDay. I just entered them in an Excel spreadsheet so I could play with the data.

Obviously today and Satruday weren't great. Both times the calories are way up due to alcohol. Saturday R and I went to a pub with some friends and today we went to happy hour and had Mojitos. I'm not too upset about it. Overall for the week, I think I did pretty good.

Normally this will be where I mention how many pounds I gained/lost this week. Unfortunately, I'm too fat for my scale.

Last year when I started trying to lose weight the first time, I bought this awesome fancy scale. However, I now weigh more than it can handle, and when I step on it says, "OL." Boo-hiss. I know I weight 320 lbs. because I weighed myself at the gym last Wednesday. I don't want to rely on the gym scale for weight-loss though. It only measures in whole numbers and jiggles a little. It's the old analog kind that I absolutely hate. I also don't want to buy another fancy scale. I'd rather spend that money on new workout gear and healthy food. So I'm going to keep monitoring my weight at the gym, but my official Drop 150 posted weight will stay at 320 until my home scale says something other than "OL." Thus my crazy stats will help me stay on target, even while my exact weight is unknown from week to week.

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Hanlie said...

Well done on all the hard work! I think not being able to get on the scale may be a blessing in disguise, because this is all about doing what is necessary, not beating the scale. So many people never seem to get that right.

I never make goals about weight loss. My goals are all about habits and things I can DO. It works for me!

Drop150 said...

Yeah, I think it will probably be better for me in the long run. Build good habits before I worry about the difference between losing a pound and losing a pound and a half. Doesn't make it less frustrating to weigh more than my scale can handle!

Mama Bear June said...

Looks like you are doing a great job at making healthy choices as an average. Better health and energy is definitely a worthy reward.
Path to Health

Felicia said...

Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!! Best wishes to you on your journey!!