Hey, Look at Me, I'm Totally Normal!

After finishing my workout at the gym, I was feeling fantastic. Or, as I coined tonight in my own head, I was feeling like a phenom, sweating like a fiend. So when I walked out the front door of said gym, the last thing I wanted to hear was someone calling my name. Of course that's exactly what I got.

This may be totally normal where you are, but I live in a large city full of strangers. I don't know that many people in my own neighborhood, and I rarely run into anyone when I'm out and about. Most of my friends live in different parts of the city. My little five block radius from my apartment is generally a Drop 150 safe zone. I can look like a complete fool with no repercussions. Usually. Tonight, sweat dripping down my face, neck, underboobs, armpits, underbelly, and ass crack, I run into two semi-professional acquaintances I haven't seen in a while.

And while I would normally find this mortifying, tonight it totally wasn't. It was actually awesome. Small, awkward chit chat aside, I got caught being part of the active people. The people who care about their health and don't spend every free minute on the couch. It was a wonderful little reality check. If I'm going to be healthy, then people are going to see me trying to be healthy. I can't live life afraid that other people will know I'm eating right and exercising. These things are not punishments reserved for the fattest among us. These are healthy lifestyle choices, and I'm living that lifestyle. One day at a time.


Hanlie said...

They could have caught you with a big take-out bag full of junk food, sipping on a super-sized milkshake! That would have been infinitely more embarrassing!

Amy Greenan said...

Right on! I think that is awesome. I love how your mindset is shifting so quickly -- pretty amazing stuff!

Drop150 said...

Hanlie, that's totally correct. Normally I would have been carrying enough food for a family, just for me!

Amy, I love your blog! Thanks for the compliments!

De'Anna said...

That's fantastic! I used to feel so self conscious when I worked out, but the other day in the gym instead of seeing a bunch of people in better shape than I am, I was a bunch of people sweating and turning red like I was. Thanks for sharing, and good luck on losing your 150!