Healthy You Challenge Check In #2

Week 2 of the Healthy You Challenge for this lady. Let's see, how did I do?

Well, for one, my scale still says that I'm "OL," which means I still weigh more than 300 lbs but less than 320 lbs. Of course, I am not shocked that after only two weeks, I haven't dropped twenty pounds. I feel like I'm on the right path, and I am happy with that.

Here are my stats for the week:


My goal is to eat between 2000 and 2200 calories per day. I went over this goal four days. Surprise! They were the same four days I was on vacation. The good news is that Friday and Monday, I was pretty close to goal. I went over by 18 calories on Monday, and 360 calories on Friday. Both of these days were days when I spent in the car. This is awesome, because even though I ate more calories than I wanted to, that number pales in comparison to what I would have eaten on a normal road trip. Monday even included a Taco Bell stop, and I still was close to goal. That's awesome.

Saturday and Sunday are a different story. Both days I ate more than I burned. By thousands of calories. This is due mostly to beer. Beer, beer, delicioius delicious beer. When I hang out with my college buddies, we drink like sailors on leave in Tijuana. I'm okay with the results, because this is something special that I don't do every day. Plus, I wrote everything down that I ate, and entered it into Fitday as soon as I got back home to hold myself accountable for my choices. I was extremely active all weekend, and I had a fantastic time.

For the week, I still burned more calories than I ate, I worked out five days, and I got back on track after the holiday. All good things.

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Hanlie said...

I also really, really just want to break out of the 300's now! Good luck!

Amy Greenan said...

That sounds awesome, I really like your attitude and outlook! You've got a recipe for success, sounds like to me.

Mama Bear June said...

Great job on making your goals!
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