New Workout Clothes!

One of my absolute favorite shows ever is Gilmore Girls, and, even thought the show has been off the air for several years, it continues to metaphorically rule my world. R once told me that when I try to be cute, I speak like them. Which is probably true. In one of the episodes, Lorelai is invited to go on a fishing date. She's dreading going fishing, until she finds out that there are special fishing clothes:
Lorelai: I look adorable! No one ever told me that if you fish, you get to buy an outfit. I'll do just about anything if I can buy an outfit.
That's pretty much how I feel. If it involves buying new clothes, then I am totally down for any and all experiences. Most of my workout gear is either old or too snug, so that means new workout clothes!

I can't go into just any store and pick up stuff without trying it on. In fact, there usually aren't any pieces even close to my size. But Old Navy XXL fits me perfectly, and I love knowing that if I pick up a pair of yoga pants or a sweater in XXL, it will fit me just great. FYI, even though I olnly started contemplating doing yoga within the last week, I've been practically living in Old Navy yoga pants for about six months. They are so freaking comfortable. Nothing is better than lying on my sofa watching The Daily Show in Old Navy yoga pants. Although, this is the first time I've ever bought Old Navy activewear with the intention to use them while being active. First time for everything.

Here's what I bought:

I can't wait to use them! 

Note: I'm going to be AWOL until late Monday due to my camping trip.  I'll be keeping notes on everything I eat/drink and workouts.  There will be lots of calories and lots of activity time, though I'll try to make sure I'm burning more calories than I eat.  Or drink.  Mostly drink.  See you Monday!


Hanlie said...

Yay for new clothes!

When I started I bought these very durable (and expensive) 4XL t-shirts at a big-man store. I've since shrunk, but the t-shirts were still good, so my mom took out the sleeves and made the shirts smaller. And she made me some lovely ankle length workout pants. So, I'm good for now, but can't wait for the day that I can wear real workout clothes...