Big Girls Need Cute Clothes, Too!

You don't start living healthy, and then wake up three and a half weeks later strong and svelt. No, if you start out at 320 lbs, then three weeks later you wake up slightly lighter (maybe 10 lbs or so), but still very fat. And still in need of that specific shopping acumen that helps a fat girl focus her efforts on the stores and websites that cater to her.

I've been thinking about new clothes for the last few days because I (hopefully) will be starting a new job next week. Thus, I need to get new work clothes for summer. I need business casual, but flattering and young.

I've talked before about Old Navy's activewear (which is awesome). I can usually wear and XL or and XXL, depending on style, direct from the store. However, their website has tons of plus size stuff. I love online shopping, so I don't mind this so much. Although I do think their sales would go up if they carried the plus size stuff in the store.

I especially like these:

Lane Bryant is every large girl's friend or foe depending on the latest store arrivals. I feel like most of their stuff for this summer sucks, but there are a few cute looks for work:

And I LOVE this dress, but I would definitely need to try it on first:

Eh, I'd probably need to drop 30 or 40 pounds before this would look cute. But I'm definitely going to try it on next week.

Torrid is great for fun, casual looks, but they have a great basic pair of kitten heels in black I need. I have them in red, and I love them! At 5' 10", I need kitten heels!

And I want this dress for summer date nights:

I love the idea of these dresses (paired with a sweater) from b&lu, but I don't know if I could pull the trigger and get them:

And from Avenue, I love these tops and skirts:

Well I don't know what I'll end up being able to afford, but the pre-shopping internet search is my favorite part of the process anyway. There's no dressing rooms, and you can pretend that you can afford EVERYTHING. Of course, when there's actual money involved it will be a different story.

If you know of any great stores that have online ordering for Plus Size clothes that I haven't listed, please share your tips in a comment!


Tina said...

You didn't mention plus size swimwear. You should take a look at HydroChic, they have up to size 3x in most things and have some very cute outfits.

I found them through Twitter, two moms :D

Jenn said...

I've shied away from internet clothes shopping lately, just because I want to try stuff on first. But, I've found some great stuff at Fashion Bug lately - nice styles, good prices. I have more of a pear shape, and I can find stuff there that actually has a waist!

Hanlie said...

I especially like the orange top and the first b&lu dress! I wouldn't buy clothes online, because I don't buy according to size, but according to fit... I actually have most of my clothes tailor made by my seamstress mom.

De'Anna said...

Love Torid, you picked out some cute stuff. That's the only place I've bought online, because I know how their stuff fits, so I know what size to get. And when I pick wrong, I tailor it to fit myself. I'm looking forward to doing some shopping in a few months when I shrink out of everything I own. :)

Cyrena said...

I like to shop at

They have some pretty cute work and casual stuff and their prices seem reasonable.

Their sizes vary so go by what size corresponds with your current measurements.

A Most Unlikely Stripper said...

Kudos to you for choosing a path to health! :) If you are coming out at 10 lbs lighter after three weeks - that is pretty good. It always feel slow in the beginning but any rapid weight loss would be unhealthy and ultimately lead to yo-yoing. But anyway . . . on to shopping!

Check out for dresses and separates.

I really liked your post on May 31st in particular. :)

I am curious as to what you're eating. I msyelf had thought about a food diary and not just a journal where you write it down but posting it online (scary!). Suggestion possibly? OH... approach frozen entrees with caution - preservatives and sodium are evil bitches! My general rule of "green" thumb is to purchase food that is located in the outer perimter of the supermarket rather than the aisles where a lot of items are preserved and processed.


Losing it in Vegas said...

Way to go on deciding to lose weight. It is a tough but interesting journey!

For dressier clothes, try They have some great dresses and gowns.

Anonymous said...

fat clothes suck just lose the weight,I did now I shop at normal stores and get really cute stuff like this Donna Karen yellow silk dress, love it. Clothes modivate me more then food now.

Jaylene said...

Excellent post.!! Lane Bryant is the best store to get plus size fashion clothing at very genuine prices.